Cycling Jersey Info & Sizing

All "Peace, Love & Pedals" cycling jerseys include our beloved peace, heart and bike logo in the back, just above the 3 pockets and a smaller version in the front, just above the waist band. Printed on the collar and sleeves are phrases unique to the borough, city or riding style the jersey represents. For example, our Brooklyn and Bronx jerseys say, respectively, "No sleep 'till..." and "The Boogie Down".

Fit & Sizing: Our cycling jerseys are sport-cut, not too loose, not too tight. They fit somewhere in between a race and a century cut. Perfect fit for all-around cycling from centuries, pedaling around town to racing. Sizing on website is accurate for men. Ladies, please order one size smaller than you'd normally wear.

Questions about our jerseys and other products? Feel free to contact us here: and we'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours of receipt of your message.